“If a human being does not possess some material goods, he feels that he is nothing, lost, weak.” – Cardinal Sarah, The Power of Silence, and I would argue that many in America possess Patriotism, and without it, they feel nothing, lost, weak. But, like any new gadget, furniture, piece of clothing, or decoration, patriotism … More Patriotism

Proof Isn’t Necessary,…but it would be nice. :)

For some time, if called upon to explain how I can believe in a God, I would use the microscope argument. The comments would go a little something like this: “There’s no proof that God exist.” “Science has shown that there’s no God.” “When Science can prove of God, I’ll believe.” You get the point. … More Proof Isn’t Necessary,…but it would be nice. 🙂

A Still Small Voice

Entering contemplation, entering into the silence of solitary prayer is entering into pain. I’m often startled by the pain, the amount of loneliness that is present with silence. I never realized how much my ability to understand has been programed with the need of all of my senses. Many of us are programed from birth … More A Still Small Voice

Everything is Epic

I’m sure it’s the job of the advertiser to try and make their product seem like a conduit to greatness. If you buy this soda, you will magically be transferred to a beach, surrounded by friends, where a lively game of volleyball may breakout any moment. Everyone will be beautiful, thin, happy – have abs. … More Everything is Epic