A Still Small Voice

Entering contemplation, entering into the silence of solitary prayer is entering into pain. I’m often startled by the pain, the amount of loneliness that is present with silence. I never realized how much my ability to understand has been programed with the need of all of my senses. Many of us are programed from birth … More A Still Small Voice

Everything is Epic

I’m sure it’s the job of the advertiser to try and make their product seem like a conduit to greatness. If you buy this soda, you will magically be transferred to a beach, surrounded by friends, where a lively game of volleyball may breakout any moment. Everyone will be beautiful, thin, happy – have abs. … More Everything is Epic

Crossfit and Sex

I’m currently reading Cardinal Sarah’s The Power of Silence. In The Power of Silence, Cardinal Sarah doesn’t only going into how silence connects us to God, and how the world is increasingly forcing noise upon us. He also touches on visual noise. The best example of visual noise today may be Instagram. In reading the … More Crossfit and Sex

Dodging Cannonballs

I don’t remember when I first referred to walking through a bookstore this way. I suspect it was around 2004, shortly after converting from atheism to Catholicism and at the same time, transitioning from a more liberal – even radically liberal – view of the world, to a more conservative mindset (This is something I’ve … More Dodging Cannonballs