Everything is Epic

I’m sure it’s the job of the advertiser to try and make their product seem like a conduit to greatness. If you buy this soda, you will magically be transferred to a beach, surrounded by friends, where a lively game of volleyball may breakout any moment.

Everyone will be beautiful, thin, happy – have abs. Wouldn’t you if you had a soda while sitting on a beach?

Those commercials used to be parodied – the image of the guys in the bar opening up a beer, and in a flash, they’re on a boat, surrounded by women in bikinis. The greatest ad-parody of all time being when Adam Sandler and Chris Farley opened up some bottles of Schmitt’s Gay Beer on Saturday Night Live.

The trend I see now is that everything is epic. Call this the Beyonce-ing of society, were everyone, every single human walking this earth, has the capacity to be an epic king or queen, surveying all that could be theirs – if only they drank the right bottled water. When did the best way to sell products become convincing us that we are all, in someway, characters in Game of Thrones, walking around a commercial that looks like it was directed by Christopher Nolan?

Beyonceing of America

The All Blacks – New Zealand’s national Rugby team – has done a few commercials that caught my eye for their epicness – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH2pQK79xtg

Jessica Alba’s Zico commercial was another – do they all use the same piano entry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEvL9kCTcTw

I’ve joked about this with workout memes, were people love to act like completing a workout is the equivalent of defeating a raging army, with workout t-shirts regularly spreading the idea that the wearer of said t-shirt is on another level of epicness.

My guess is that the wearer of such shirts, and the posters of such epic messages are probably very fragile – they are on the brink of everything falling apart, and a few moments of overconfidence is the only thing keeping them together. With that, I would never deny them their right to such thoughts. However, it is also my guess that a little more smallness would do them well.

Be smaller.


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