The Hermit’s Guiding to Modern Dating: Humor

Recently I was asked by a friend if I wanted to have kids. I said, “I’ve been told a woman would have to be involved. At least that’s what biology says.”

Desiring a hermit like life, having a woman be a part of that would be complicated. So, no woman equals no children.

My comment, however, led my friend to ask, “Well, what do you look for in a woman.”

Without going into my plans for the future, I answered, “I was actually thinking about this recently – ” Lets not go into why I may have been thinking about it recently. 🙂 “A good body? An attractive face? Honestly, those are a dime a dozen, and they don’t last. Most people when asked this say intelligence, but, honestly, that’s a dime a dozen too. I’ve been in relationships with beautiful women. I’ve been in relationships with intelligent women. The thing that I continually go back to, the thing, and only thing, I recall about a person long after our relationship has ended is whether or not they were funny. A sense of humor has got to be the most important thing. A sense of humor will last long after the beauty has faded away, and it’s far more easy to live with then pure intellect. A good sense of humor is intelligence presented to you in a far more enjoyable manner. So that’s what I look for. She has got to have a sense of humor – and a good laugh.”


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